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The end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time 


TS Eliot

About Me

Sara Clee 

BA Hons, MBACP (Accredited)

I work with adults and young people experiencing a range of emotional difficulties such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, loneliness, bereavement and low self-esteem. I will work with you in a safe setting where you can feel your concerns will be heard with compassion and understanding. Talking through these difficulties can help to alleviate anxiety and depression and encourage feelings of hope and self-worth.

Qualifications, Training & Experience


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling. (WPF).

  • UKRCP registered.

  • BACP Accredited Counsellor.

  • Certificate in Working with Adolescents.

  • Training in working Psychodynamically with Children and Young People. (Bridge and Wessex)

  • Training in Couples Counselling. (GCS)

About Counselling

About Counselling

Psychodynamic counselling is a talking therapy. A counsellor offers the unique opportunity for a person to explore feelings, thoughts and ideas. It is based on the dynamic between the counsellor and client who are both interested in discovering what might be causing distress and pain. We talk through the issues together, with the counsellor gently encouraging the client to recognise unhelpful patterns that may have been learned from childhood. Psychodynamic counselling is a long established and trusted treatment for emotional difficulties.


The counsellor will be there to help you to work through to your own answers. Or sometimes it is not about answers, but acceptance, and that can be one of the most challenging aspects of the work. But throughout this, I will be there to support you.

Working with Adolescents

Working with Adolescents

I have many years of experience working with adolescents and with young adults. There is a great deal of stress these days on our young people. The new demands of social media and thoughtless bullying are creating pressures that can be difficult to manage.


Having an opportunity to talk with someone who is not a parent or teacher or friend can be of great value during a turbulent time and provide some settling of chaotic feelings. I have training in and experience of working with young people who have eating disorders or who self harm.


As parents you may be wondering how you can find help for your son or daughter. I realise it can be hard to think of your child confiding in someone you don't know. My experience in this area of work means I am sensitive to the needs of the young person, as well as the anxiety of the parent. It is important for the young person to know that they, and not their parents, are the client. However, I am happy to meet initially with both the parents and the young person, when the focus of the counselling can be thought about.

For the last five years I have been employed as a counsellor in a Gloucestershire secondary school, working with students between the ages of 11 - 18. I work both short and more long-term, helping to support the young people as they navigate the struggles and challenges of the teenage years.


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Counselling & Creativity

With my own background in the arts, I have a particular understanding of the issues confronting artists, actors, writers and musicians.

I know about the uncertainty and insecurities of the life you have chosen. How each piece of work you do, whether it be a painting, an acting job or a tour, means that you are constantly faced with loss and endings. It is a challenging way of life, often meaning financial insecurities and lows.


You may be rewarded with great highs and successes; working as part of a team; completing a piece of work that may have occupied you for many months or even years. Finishing that work can feel like a bereavement and needs time for grieving.


When counselling actors and artists from my Stroud based practice, I help you to think about what these issues mean to you, and how you can process the effects of them on your daily lives.



My fees are £45 for individuals


For couples I charge £55 


I have two concession slots for clients who are on low incomes.



I provide weekly 50 minute sessions which are confidential.


My practice is situated in the centre of Stroud. 

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